Call for Placebos for Art
Call for Placebos for Art Call for Placebos for Art
The Behring Institute

The Behring Institute for Medical Research is an independent non-profit organization located in Dresden, Germany. Since it was founded in 1997 its mission has been to develop and integrate new methods for improving public health. We currently maintain 36 research units and working groups that are devoted to open up innovative paths in medicine and medical treatments. The Behring institute works largely in an interdisciplinary setting to generate cutting-edge knowledge and technological breakthroughs in medical research and definitions of healthcare. The goal of the Behring Institute is to play a powerful role in advancing medical research and medical education in Europe and to research, discover and apply knowledge to improve health, medical education and reduce illness on society.

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Other current research

Studies of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Disease The purpose of this study is to see how heavy and prolonged drug abuse affects protection from or risk of developing autoimmune diseases. We are studying heavy drug abusers that have been or are addicted for more then 10 years to "hard drugs".

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Colon Cancer in Non-alcoholic IBS

Colon Cancer The aim of this study is to understand why people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that is not due to alcohol abuse, are still at increased risk for colon cancer. This condition is called non-alcoholic colon cancer and is researched by extensive tests.

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