Clinical Research Staff

The Behring Institute for Medical Research employs more than 30 full time research personnel including Research Professors, Principal Investigators, Postdoctoral Researchers, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians, and other support staff.
Group photo of our clinical research staff
President and Medical-Director

Dr. Anne von Justin joined Behring Institute for Medical Research in 1997. She received her medical degree from the Medical University of East Berlin, in 1988. Dr. von Justin completed an internship in Pediatrics at Children's Medical Center, Berlin, in 1989. She was a former professor of paramedicine and director of the public health department at the University of Leipzig. Dr. von Justin has taken over the role of President and medical Director of the Behring Institute for Medical Research in 1999 from founder Dr. J P G Armstad. Besides the heading the institute Dr. von Justin is also active in several other medical and physiological organizations, including the German Institute for Medical Ethics, the German Medical Research Association, and the German Association of paramedicine. She has published various articles, journals and book chapters about paramedicine and public health, several essays of dr. von Justin were published in the international acclaimed Journal of Medical Health. Dr von Justin has developed the Behring Institute for Medical Research into a leading research firm in the fields of public health, paramedicine, occupational medicine and evidence based medicine.

Assistant Medical-Director

Dr. H K Friedlich has joined the Behring Institute for Medical Research late 2004 as assistant medical director supporting dr. von Justin in the expansion of the institute. Before the Behring Institute dr. Friedlich worked as medical engineer and scientist at the Bloriff University and the Van Breem Medical Research Institute. After heading several medical and scientific positions dr. Friedlich combines his broad range of skills as Assistant Medical Director of the Behring Institute of Medical Research. Dr. Friedlich has received numerous local, regional, and national grants in support of his Public Health research efforts. He was awarded one of only two national Public Health Foundation Research Grants to support his investigations into the contribution of predictional research models on public health of large groups. The Congress of Medical Research Scientists awarded Dr. Friedlich the Benfield Research Fellowship to support his clinical research on a new therapy of tuberculosis, a disease that infects a third of the worlds population and kills almost 2 million people every year.

Head of Evidence-Based Medicine-Research

Dr. R M Singer was recruited by the Behring Institute for Medical Research early 2002 to head the newly developed field of evidence based medicine. Dr Singer was formerly head of the evidence based medicine department of the Zurich Medical University, leading a team of 20 researchers. Before heading the Zurich Medical University department dr. Singer had over 20 years of experience in a broad range of medical practices, accumulating in one of the world experts of evidence based medicine. Several important and influential journals reports and book chapters are attributed to and written by dr. Singer. Under his supervision the Behring Institute for Medical Research has a leading research team in the field of clinical evidence based medical research.

Head of Paramedical-Research and-Medicine

Dr. B Millfurt has an extensive background in paramedical research and medicine. Before joining the Behring Institute for Medical Research, Dr. Millfurt had several positions in both the academic and pharmaceutical sectors. After her internship at the University of Bochum she became clinical researcher in paramedical science at Jamessons Pharmaceuticals in Texas, USA. In 1999 she became assistant medical director at the prestigious National Institute for Medical Research in London, UK and continued at the world's largest paramedical research centers, the Jackson Hall Clinic in Los Angeles, founded by the American surgeon Patrick Willow. At the Behring Institute for Medical Research Dr. Millfurt continues her research career in one of the most modern and high-tech research facilities of Germany.

Head of Occupational-Therapy Research

Dr. M Jacobs is the Behring Institute expert on all forms of Occupational Therapy. Dr. Jacobs received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from East Berlin Medical University. She serves as adjunct faculty for Dresden University therapy program. Throughout her career, dr. Jacobs has taught in several different fields of Occupational Therapy, including pediatric neuro-rehabilitation, sensory processing, handwriting, and child development. Dr. Jacobs has extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, Therapeutic Listening, oral motor treatment, visual processing concerns, and sensory processing. All these expert qualities are combines in dr. Jacobs heading a young and expert Occupational Therapy Research Group.

Head of Cognitive-Research

Dr. T R R Unniger, before the Behring Institute a Distinguished Research Professor in the Hamburg Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health, is known internationally for his research on language, bilingualism and cognitive development. He was one of the first to study cognitive research in bilingual people, dr. Unniger discovered that bilingual people have distinct advantages over unilingual people when completing both linguistic and nonlinguistic tasks. He has also been recognized by the international linguistics community for his research on theories of language processing and on practical issues related to foreign and language education. Dr. Unniger received his medical degree from the Medical University of East Berlin, in 1972. He completed an internship in the Berlin Medical University, in 1978.

Head of Rehabilitation-Therapy Research

Dr. J Musser heads the Rehabilitation Therapy Research department since 2002 with a small but dedicated staff. Research into the field of Rehabilitation Therapy is relatively new and ground breaking. Dr. Musser has a rich and well documented history of contributing to scientific journals and book chapters about rehabilitation and therapy. Dr. Musser come from a long line of medical researchers, his grand-father Jacob sr Musser is famous for his ground breaking work in rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Musser himself continued his mother and grand-fathers research into Rehabilitation and the new field of Rehabilitation Therapy Research.

Head of Immunology-and Infection Biology-Research

Dr. W Ressy is recently promoted to the head of the Behring Institute of Medical Research Immunology and Infection Biology Research Department. Dr. Ressy is connected to the Behring Institute since 2001 as first Senior Research Officer and later Clinical Research Fellow. Dr. Ressy has worked as Assistant Scientist, Dept. of Immunology and Infection Biology, University of Freiburg, Germany and Assistant Scientist, Depts. of Medical Physics and Immunology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Ressy is member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) and the The Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR).

Other Staff Members

Clinical Research Fellow - Dr U Heinrich
Senior Research Officer - Dr T Hoppa
Research Officer - Dr K Jacobs
Research Officer - Dr N Nano
Research Officer - Dr H J Triton
Research Officer - Dr K Mich
Research Assistant - Dr R T Swenlich
Research Assistant - H Glimmerich
Research Assistant - Dr E Anna
Research Assistant - P Enka
Research Nurse - Ms E Huger
Research Nurse - Ms R Schneider
Research Nurse - Ms L Jansen
Research Nurse - C Schumacher
Research Nurse - Ms P Jakobsen
Research Nurse - Ms J Welser
Research Nurse - Ms E Rietsch
Research Nurse - Ms C Lang
Research Nurse - E Teichmüller
Research Nurse - L Kruger
Research Nurse - Ms J Runer
Research Nurse - Ms I Lunam
Research Nurse - Ms L von Einzel
Research Nurse - K Trionel
Research Nurse - Ms W Wachern
Research Nurse - Ms P Welch
Research Nurse - Ms K Luppern
Research Nurse - Ms D Unnern
Research Nurse - C Nun
Research Nurse - L K Sommern

Other current research

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Autoimmune Disease The purpose of this study is to see how heavy and prolonged drug abuse affects protection from or risk of developing autoimmune diseases. We are studying heavy drug abusers that have been or are addicted for more then 10 years to "hard drugs".

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Colon Cancer in Non-alcoholic IBS

Colon Cancer The aim of this study is to understand why people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that is not due to alcohol abuse, are still at increased risk for colon cancer. This condition is called non-alcoholic colon cancer and is researched by extensive tests.

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